Do You Experience Any of
These Common Complaints of Aging?


Lower Energy Levels

Feeling Rundown

Less Strength

Weight Gain

Low Sex Drive

Sexual Disfunction

Aches and Pains

Memory Issues

Depressed Mood

Lack of Motivation

Sleep Issues


Menopausal Symptoms

Hot Flashes/Sweats


Mood Swings

Low Sex Drive

Painful Intercourse

Memory Issues


Weight Gain

Skin Quality Changes


It's true that many of these symptoms can be considered common or just "normal for your age"
but that doesn't make them desirable, or healthy or inevitable.

What if you could slow the aging process and begin reversing the downward trend?
With the right approaches you can begin feeling like your old self, or even better!

We evaluate your current level of health and specific symptoms and conditions, then begin a program that restores low hormones, optimizes your nutrition, address any deficiencies, and provides lifestyle and exercise strategies along with other approaches specific to your needs.

It starts with a one hour visit along with lab testing to understand your areas of health needing attention.

Simply call to schedule an appointment or to learn more details.

Testosterone Replacement
Therapy For Men

Hormone Replacement
Therapy For Women

Men over 40!

Ask us about our affordable and comprehensive Testosterone Replacement Program.

Women over 40!

Learn why bio-identical natural hormones are not only safe but fundamental to health.

The Bowen Technique
A unique pain-relief therapy

Dr MacPherson trained with Ossie Rentsch from Australia who directly worked with Tom Bowen and documented Tom’s unique method of bodywork.  Whether it be an acute condition or a long-standing chronic problem the Bowen therapy is most likely the safest and most efficient method of resolving many types of imbalances and painful conditions.

Want to know more about the Bowen Technique?

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