Lab Testing – Beyond the Basics


One of the important services we provide at Rejuvenate is to recommend lab tests that may not typically be run through your conventional primary care physician.  You may be familiar with the common testing done on a yearly physical.  Typically, it is confined to a CBC (Complete Blood Count), a CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel), lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides), possibly a urinalysis and anything further might be related to your known conditions or medications.   This leaves a vast array of substances left untested and therefore unknown to you and your doctor.  This is potential information that can be used to better assess your overall health, to find answers to the underlying causes of your symptoms and contribute to the fine tuning of your health.   The reason that more testing is not run may lie primarily in the insurance-based system.  One objective of insurance companies or Medicare is to limit their costs and doctors often have their hands tied as to what tests will be approved by the insurance company or Medicare.

At Rejuvenate the primary criteria for choosing tests to run is whether it may be related to the patient’s specific set of symptoms and be important in both finding the underlying cause(s) and contribute to the successful treatment of the condition(s).  It’s about getting more pieces of the puzzle in order to get a broader and more complete picture of your health.  Of course, cost can be a factor for many people, and this is always taken into consideration by prioritizing the degree of importance of each test.  Compromises may have to be made in the number of tests being run and so we start with those tests with the highest diagnostic potential.

Dr. MacPherson has negotiated with Quest Labs for the most reduced pricing and compared to list prices he is able to pass on substantial savings.   Beyond the standard labs there are many specialty labs that offer unique testing that dig deeper into many areas of your biochemistry.  Lab testing can often be the greatest cost of healthcare but is instrumental in helping to get to the root of the problem.

You do have options; you can get what you want and need when not under the limitations of an insurance company or you can continue to allow insurance companies to dictate what level of testing they deem is sufficient for you. There are times when it is best to break out of the insurance paradigm or at least combine both insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs to your greatest advantage.

Contact us if you are interested in delving further into the possible biochemical factors that may be contributing to yet unanswered questions surrounding your health.