Do I Look Like a Horse?

In speaking to a lady friend about the subject of HRT and Premarin (horse estrogen) she commented: “Do I look like a horse!?!”  Dr. MacPherson later wrote down a reply and emailed it to her. 

“Well, since you asked, I have been meaning to ask you…. why the long face?  Just because you may feel you are pasture prime and that you would like to be in a more stable place doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be taking horse hormones.  The mane thing to remember is that equine estrogen is not structurally, molecularly or functionally the same as human estrogen.  Taking Premarin (Pregnant Mares Urine) can in the short term improve menopausal symptoms but in the long run (or trot) the side effects may outweigh the benefits.  You don’t want to be saddled with the concerns of potential health risks, so just say neigh to non-bioidentical hormones.  It’s time to quit horsin’ around and only consider human bioidentical hormones if you choose to go on hormone replacement!”  Hay!!!… (thought that might get your attention) And then there’s Provera (progestin) or synthetic progesterone-like hormones which are not related to horses, but regardless, should have been put out to pasture long ago.